Too Much News?

October 22, 2008

When I saw the NYT headline last week, “Too Much News?” I knew I was going to feel instantly at home when I clicked on the link and read the all-too-familiar stories of the people profiled in the piece…”They find themselves taking breaks at work every 15 minutes to check the latest updates, and at the end of the day, taking laptops to bed. Then they pad through darkened homes in the predawn to check on the Asian markets.”

Jeez. True down to every last word, including the Asian markets part.

We certainly live in an information age. The accessibility of news in every format is incredible. I don’t even have TV anymore, but I’m constantly getting news through websites, blogs, papers, text messages, Twitter, whatever. Not having information all the time is almost impossible to fathom, especially, I think, for my generation, that can’t even remember life before the internet. Seriously. I was on the internet by age 6 and haven’t really looked back since. This past weekend I was without internet and email for over 48 hours (not by choice!) and someone asked…”Doesn’t it feel good?” It kind of felt good, but I really just wanted to check my email and see what was going on in the world.

There’s even a kid mentioned in the article, who’s maybe 7 years old, and he is so accustomed to his mother watching so much news that he walks around his house saying “I’m John McCain, and I approve this message.”

I thought that was hilarious…until I remembered my parents telling me stories of me doing the exact same thing when I was a kid (except in my time it was Ross Perot that I was mimicking. No joke). Well, at least I’m not the only one…the New York Times has unearthed a whole collection of news junkies just lurking out there. Ha ha, and I’m sure every single one of them read and loved that article, too.



  1. totally just had one of those moments when i realized how much younger than me you are when you said that you were on the internet at age 6 and my first thought was, god, wasn’t that like 1989 or something?

  2. hey, internet was going mainstream by the early 90s. don’t judge.

  3. i like to push my bounderies. don’t judge.

  4. haha

    have you seen the commercial where the woman is like, “And I’ve been stuck at the intersection of my inbox since the third grade!”

    (or something like that, haha)

    I’m not addicted to the news, but I am addicted to the internet

  5. im addicted to the news…i literally have cnn open every day on my computer at work…the great thing for me is if you scroll down enough it just looks like im reading a summary of a foundation instead of a news article…plus no one around me understands english 🙂

  6. I feel you. I didn’t bring my laptop with me to Irvine over the weekend, and I was itching to check my email the whole weekend. arghh.

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