Hello from Southeast Asia!

January 7, 2009

I’ve spent the last week backpacking through Cambodia and Vietnam, and am heading to Thailand tomorrow. It is phenomenal. You should visit Southeast Asia at some point if you haven’t already!

I’ll be back with more substantial posts when I’m back in the country again, after Jan. 17!



  1. Hey Nisha. Just stumbled upon your blog, I can’t remember how, probably linked from your awesome piece for Brazen Careerist (which I loved btw). Anyways, enjoy SEA it’s one of my favourite regions in the world. When you’re in Thailand, I’m assuming you’re dropping by Bangkok. I spent a month in total there in Jan-Feb 07 doing some work for AIESEC and it’s a great place. I recommend the Ban Raai coffee chain, it has amazing coffee (local Thai coffee is famous for its quality) there is a big big Ban Raai right next to the Ekkamai Skytrain, if you’re into clubbing at all (which I’m not but clubbing in Bangkok was really great) you should go to Escudo (down the street Thong Lo) and Route 66 (at RCA, any cabbie will know it). I’m not normally a clubber but clubbing in BKK is cool because, at these places, its 99% thais (no sleazy foreigners) and you can just party without people getting aggressive or judging you… it’s just a very chilled but lively party venue if that makes sense. Anyway sorry about the long comment but I just really love BKK.

    PS. Make sure you eat food at the street restaurants, it is cheap, awesome and mostly safe (i didnt get sick once).

  2. Alex! Thanks so much for all the suggestions. We’re heading to Bangkok in a few days so we’ll def try out yuor suggestions. How’s Australia treating you? Cynthia and Go are travelling with me and say hello. Oh and, we hung out with Murad last night who’s doing a ceed here in Vietnam! Talk to you soon, and thanks for all the suggestions.

  3. I’m actually in Brussels right now spending some time with my girlfriend (it’s my summer vac from uni in Australia) so I’m mostly just chilling and doing a bit of travel. Say hi back to Cynthia and Go for me, have a blast on the trip and hope to hear from you soon on how it was…

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