January 20, 2009 – Where were you?

January 20, 2009

I was here.

*note: I didn’t take these photos — I got them from Yahoo News. I was in that sea of people, but there’s no way I could have gotten such good aerial shots myself!



  1. […] takes time to reflect personally on this event and the impact on Canada and [Politicoholic] took pictures of the massive crowd that was able to attend the […]

  2. I was at home. Watching the Inauguration on TV and really enjoying the fact that I wasn’t freezing my buns off in the cold, cold DC weather 🙂
    Great photos!

  3. I wish I had come here earlier, I don’t live in dc but I go to school there and could have helped with lodging for sure. My place is Marc train accessible via walking, though it’s a long train ride.
    I have to put you on my reader instead of my bookmarks.

    The uni’s in DC were off, I had to work in the afternoon so I partied at my home city in the morning and watched it with a group here on telly at a bar, The bar opened at 10 in the morning for the event, went to work and attended another event that evening a “moveon” event. I do kind of wish I attended the Mall event now that it is over.

    Another Illinois blogger I read, someone who I have been reading for a long time and who used to work for the Obama campaign on a local level, also went in.

  4. I was there! It was great. Just a remarkable day.

  5. Raven — yeah, I’m sure it must have been kind of nice to be inside watching it, where it was warm…trust me, we really thiought we got frostbite…

    Olivia — Sounds like you still had a great time celebrating even without being at the Mall though!

    Chris — Yeah, remarkable is definitely the word. When the ceremony started I think everyone completely forgot how cold we were…

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