In the spirit of Ada Lovelace Day…

March 24, 2009

It’s funny that I just wrote a post about feminism because now I found out it’s Ada Lovelace Day, or something, and I like the idea too much to not post about it. So in the spirit of Ada Lovelace day, here are some women in tech who I really admire. They don’t necessarily work in tech, but they’re doing cool things in the realm of tech/web 2.0/social media/blogging anyways.

Ellen Miller: Ellen Miller is co-founder and Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington DC nonprofit dedicated to using the internet to increase government openness and transparency. The Sunlight Foundation rocks. Seriously.

Penelope Trunk: although sometimes she seems a little crazy, she runs an internet startup, has run other internet startups, and has one of the most widely read career blogs ever. She gets a lot of criticism for her decisions, some of it no doubt because she’s a woman, but she seems to take it in stride really well.

Who are the women in tech that you admire?



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  2. Nisha, nice post. The woman that I wrote up for Ada Lovelace Day happens to be very active with the Sunlight Foundation.
    Esther Dyson

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