David Gregory is not a blogger

August 2, 2009

david-gregory-meet-the-press_thumbBefore I get to the point of this post, I feel I should say one thing: David Gregory is a great journalist whom I respect a lot. And I still get up to watch Meet the Press every Sunday morning!

But, respected journalist that he is, David Gregory is not a blogger. A few months ago when he became the host of Meet The Press, he started a blog and a Twitter account. And everyone fawned all over him and how great he was at “embracing new media,” something that old-media journalists love to talk about doing.

Has anyone else but me checked out David Gregory’s blog recently? I will admit when I heard the MTP host was starting a blog I went and subscribed right away. But lately, his blog is just a stream of once-a-week posts of  “some reads this morning” highlighting a couple articles he’s reading each morning.

That’s great, but that’s what GOOGLE NEWS is for. And Memeorandum. And RealClearPolitics. A famous journalist, talk show host, and political media personality should have a real blog, not simply a regurgitation of any political news aggregator. People actually listen to this guy — or at least pay attention to what he says — so can’t he say something useful on his blog?

(It’s kind of like how social media people got annoyed when Oprah got on Twitter, because she has such a huge audience and everyone fawns over the fact that she’s on Twitter, but she doesn’t really use it! I take issue with David Gregory’s blog for the same reasons.)

I’m not saying he should have a blog. He’s wildly successful enough in his career already that he can do whatever he wants. But what I am saying is this: if he’s going to publicly try to embrace new media by starting a blog and using Twitter, he should actually do it well, not half-ass it. A collection of “what I’m reading” lists is not a blog.



  1. He’s also not an economist, apparently, but I suppose that’s the danger of trying to be too much a generalist. But he strikes me as young enough to be forgiven for continuing to learn his limitations.

  2. Nisha, what prompted this post? Did he say something on Meet the Press? I mean technically the guy blogs. So if he wants to advertise that he maintains a basic, bare-bones blog, I say that’s OK, though I’m not sure it serves him well or that it deserves the hype you mention. For me, he loses credibility if he calls himself a blogging expert or if he wants to talk with authority about the culture of blogging. Doesn’t appear he is qualified to do so…

  3. Hey Nisha. I am a fan of DG (I especially like him when we hosts the Today Show), but do you think he is the one that is actually writing it also?

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