Quick Hit: White House Uses LinkedIn…for Healthcare Reform

August 11, 2009

Wait, what? You mean there is a use for LinkedIn? Yes there is, and the White House has found it!

According to the LinkedIn blog, the White House has been using the “Questions” feature on LinkedIn to ask small business owners what they think about healthcare reform.


“CEA Chair Christina Romer has posed a question on LinkedIn to engage in a dialogue with the small business community. She will be addressing your comments and questions in a live online video chat this coming Wednesday. We urge you to take part in this important dialogue and share your expertise and insights with our policy makers.”

Check out the full post at the LinkedIn blog here. And even better, check out Romer’s video answering the questions she received on LinkedIn here.



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  2. I saw this and I think it’s so interesting and useful! It’s an efficient and free way to connect with the public and small business owners. I’m glad to hear this! Thanks for featuring it 🙂 I hope all is well with you and the new job!

  3. I saw this earlier, and found it really interesting. Though I was initially somewhat surprised, I think it is such a good way for them to reach out to their target audience. While most people see LinkedIn as an “online resume” or a way to advance career networking, this is a different, yet efficient, use of the site.

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