Social Networking Just Got Better

August 25, 2009

I have probably mentioned this before, but the first blog I ever read was Brazen Careerist. I would like to say that was inspired me to start a blog of my own and start spewing all my ideas into the internet, but it wasn’t really. I had been reading blogs for a while but was never an active participant, until the really nice guys at Brazen Careerist somehow found me and convinced me to join their network of bloggers and start talking to other people who were also crazy enough to post their ideas on the internet all the time.

The first few months of blogging were interesting because I had no idea what I was doing. My friends thought it was all hilarious and that blogging was crazy. They especially liked to drop casual uses of my made-up blog title, Politicoholic, in conversation at parties just to see how I would react. But I had seen the kind of success Ryan and Ryan had and I wanted to emulate that. Even though I was just a college kid. And when I want something there isn’t much, or anything, really, that can distract me from it. So I got involved, and was almost shocked by the results. It taught me how to approach my career and how to approach networking from almost a completely different way — but the way that careers should be managed.

I read Brazen Careerist almost everyday and sometimes am consumed by it: there’s so many fascinating people collected in one place who are all bursting with original, fresh ideas. People who are not afraid to speak their minds, put themselves out there, present and defend their ideas, and have a dialogue and learn from each other. And I would say that in today’s shaky job market, these are increasingly important traits that set people apart from the throngs of other job seekers with a college degree and a couple internships.

In a time when 80% of class of 2009 graduates don’t have job offers, and 80% of jobs today are found through networking, there are still tons of people approaching their job hunt in the old-school, Monster.com, resume-blast sort of way.  So  I think Brazen Careerist is filling a huge need by helping to revolutionize how 20somethings see their careers and how they manage them.

So I love that their new tagline, as they launch their new site today, is “Brazen Careerist: Where Ideas Are Your Resume.” And I’m excited to be part of a community that is doing something so cutting edge and innovative and has the potential to help so many young people. If you haven’t checked out their new site that launches today, I hope you will. Not just because it looks amazing (seriously, I think it looks better — and more useful — than LinkedIn) but because it holds so much potential for anyone looking to better manage their careers.

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