My new AOL Lemondrop post: Understanding the Healthcare Debate

October 4, 2009

I know a lot of women my age who won’t admit it in public, but don’t really know what’s going on with healthcare reform. And there’s nothig wrong with that — the healthcare debate is filled with Beltway jargon and partisan politics which completely detracts from the actual issues at hand. That’s why I’m excited about my latest piece at Lemondrop, which focuses on breaking down the healthcare reform debate in more understandable terms.

I may not be qualified to write authoritatively on it — I mean really, I’m no healthcare expert either. But maybe that’s what we need — more normal people talking about the healthcare debate and spreading the dialogue beyond the realm of just the policy wonks, experts, activists, and others who do this for a living.

If you have a minute, feel free to head on over to Lemondrop and check it out.

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